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For the first time in 100 years,
a solar eclipse will travel across the entire USA. 
It happens to be visible from Casper, Wyoming. 
It’s quite the cosmic coincidence. 

Accommodations in Casper have been sold out for years. 
So for the first time ever, Casper (the sleep company) is
going to Casper (the city). 

The stars are aligning, worlds are colliding…
Don’t miss this once-in-a-blue-moon experience.



On August 21st, 2017, the earth will cross the shadow of the moon, creating a total solar eclipse. As the path of the moon’s shadow passes through the continental United States, parts of the country will momentarily experience total darkness instead of broad daylight.

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Only a handful of cities in the United States will experience the entirety of the eclipse. The high altitude and ideal weather conditions of Casper, Wyoming make it among the best viewing points out of the limited locations.

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Anticipation of the event is out of this world — hotels have been sold out for more than three years. A month ahead of the event, the city is already filled with visitors chasing the eclipse.


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AUGUST 20TH—21st

Ready to eclipse? We’ve got you covered. 

Join us at Camp Casper, our exclusive camping experience tented by Under Canvas. Other than a luxurious tent (complete with Casper mattresses, of course), you’ll get food, drink, movies, and more!



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