How much are tickets?

Tickets are $499, which includes a luxury tent for two, campsite shuttle service, all on-site programming, food, and drink. Please note airfare is not included in the ticket price.

We’ll also have general admission tickets available for our screening event with Alamo Drafthouse and eclipse viewing,


HOW long does it take to get TO CAMP CASPER?

With traffic, we’re guessing it will take around 5 hours to drive from Denver’s airport. But we promise this won't be a boring bus ride...


Why Casper, wyoming?

This Wyoming town is one of the few places located in the path of totality for this eclipse. It’s a fantastic location with ideal weather conditions — that’s why the Astronomical League will be camping out nearby.

Oh, and it has a pretty great name.

What should I bring?

We recommend packing for an activity-filled overnight. Wear loose, comfortable clothes and don’t forget your pajamas or toothbrush! It can get cold at night, so you may want to pack layers. We’ll provide eclipse viewing glasses, and in-tents entertainment.


What's the weather like in casper?

During the day, expect temperatures to be in the 80s. At night, it can drop down to the 50s, so you might want to bring a sweater!


Will I need to buy food?

Nope! Food and beverage is included in the ticket price.


what time is the actual eclipse?

The totality of the eclipse starts at 11:42:39 AM and should last around two minutes.


Once upon a time I was falling love...

And now you’re only falling apart? There’s something you can do, join us for the total eclipse of the sun.